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Liz Wisan


The Invalid in CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE at Yale Rep, March 2015.

LIZ WISAN is a performer of beautiful, sad, funny, and serious things living in Brooklyn, NY.  

Originally from the rough streets of NYC, she spent her summers enjoying nature and learning about theater in southern New Hampshire. 


Liz discovered comedy the day her cat died.  She was very sad, but her kindergarten class had a field trip to the circus that day, and she had to suck it up. Forced to channel her tears into laughter, she spent the day announcing  "Anybody wanna see a dead cat? Come to my house," and a comedienne was born.


Her first role at the age of 7 was as the Nurse and the Friar in "Romeo and Juliet: The Real Story.”  She has been playing multiple age-inappropriate roles ever since.


Liz majored in Music in college, and for a time thought she would be an opera singer, but apparently you're not supposed to do funny voices and enjoy anything, so she went back to theater. 


Liz suffered through a variety of unfulfilling and humiliating jobs in NYC before going to the Yale School of Drama to earn her MFA. It was there that she discovered she's really super talented and incredibly well liked, and fantastically humble.


Since graduating, Liz has worked consistently in the country's most prestigious theaters, and truly enjoys getting to spend time in so many different cities.


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